High security VPN router "HSR"


■New solution for dilemmas of convenience and security

Dual route type high security VPN router has analog telecommunication line
which make machine authentication and encryption key exchange further to
internet broadband line.
You can configure various security levels according to the necessity for
security key transmission route and changing cycle of security key code,
or combination of encryption system.
The dual route type high security VPN router provides high levels of
security and safety close to private network with such same cost of
Entry VPN.
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Direct linking of HSR analog network simplify the VPN system attestation
and realize significant cost reduction, because outside VPN administration system is unnecessary. You can set up a VPN environment by simple installation in such as small or temporary office.

■Concept of development

● Simplify the management of shared key and destination address.

● Realizing high levels of security and safety by multi-ply linking of telephone lines.

● Making VPN server unnecessary.

● Corresponding multiple VPN by one terminal.

■Mechanism of encryption communication system of HRS-02

HSR-02 is a multi communication VPN router which corresponds analog line
further to internet connection lines and makes encryption key exchange
through analog line linking.
This is extremely high levels of security and safety communications,
because no information of encryption key flow on the internet and
keep costs low by using one to one analog linking line on VPN authentication.
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Multimedia kiosk


■Maximum use of database

Users can easily reach their service of the purpose from database of
multimedia kiosk.

Our company is involved in development of Multimedia kiosks for Car Film
which are installed in AUTO BACKS and YELLOW HAT. about 150 kiosks are
at work.

■Advantage of installation

●Efficient management of stock and database

●Efficiency improvement of labor cost

●Improve the informations of customers

●Link up the database between WEB and shop